Rat nests in house

Exclusive and Precision Rodent Eradication

“Whats in your attic?”

Want to avoid trapping and rid yourself of those roof rats or pack rats ?  And reduce the threats of releasing fleas, ticks and even bed bugs!   Yes if you think about rodents digging through your trash and dumpsters bed bugs are known not to be leaving furry creatures that host their daily feasts.   Follow deeper into this site to learn more.


Scorpions No Problem!

We use and rotate the most effective prescribed products and equipment  to control them and provide the customer with the best fit and affordable Pest Management Program.

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BED BUGS !!! No worries

The technology to control these creatures are consistently improving.  We have developed a state of the art IPM Method of Elimination using Experience, Technology,  and Equipment to accomplish the tasks!

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Are you sharing your home with unwanted tenants?
Discreet Pest Control understands how serious a rodent issue can become.  How they can cause serious damages to the inner structure of your home by contamination, electrical fires, chewing up walls and since they’re nocturnal they move around at night typically.  But in well inhabited and comfortably settled in rodents, we’ve seen the roof rat and even pack rats moving freely within a home mid day.  One case where a dog had to sit on the couch while a few King Rats ate his dog food!!   “Poor fella”.

Having a Rodent infestation in your home can be more than just a nuisance and may cause some occupants significant stress, resulting in many sleepless or spooky nights. Imagine how difficult or embarrassing it might be to explain to visiting family or friends about evening sightings in your home, odors, or even an accidental transmission of Salmonella (Food) Poisoning.    Or the worst case scenario would the Hantavirus or even the plague.

Being well trained in this field we know how dangerous it is working in the heart of the infestation.   And that’s why I insist on upon all  Service Pro’s to start every service analysis with:

“Inspection”  “Evaluation”  and  “Eradication”

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Rodent Inspections and consultations are demanding, time consuming  and dangerous and disclose valuable information. Inspections start at $150.00 minimum charge.   And an ICA form filled out.

If your selling your home and a written and visual Rodent Evaluation report is needed the fee will vary upon size of the home and time involved.  And emailed 3 to 5 business days after photos and checklists are compiled upon finding activity.   In the event of ALL CLEAR an immediate document will be presented.   But we have experience in providing realtors what they need in order to aid their clients.

Call or Email to make appointment. Please provide days and times available for initial appointment.