Rat nests in house

“We Know Nature is all About Competition”

Using the  ” SHOCK AND AWE “ Method we DON’T ALLOW unwanted tenants in your home to long.   Due to a high volume of referrals please allow up to 72 hours for a scheduled detailed inspection.   Inspection and consulting fee applies to initial inspection.   Fee’s vary on size and severity and can be applied to Initial Service in some cases.

Are you experiencing constant failure in your rodent control?  Do  you know that trapping brings only temporary relief  but never eliminates a rodent problem?  That’s because the rodent infestation becomes WARY of all the traps we put down continually.   And using bait in the end of any trapping attempt just leaves dead bodies hidden in the crawl space with a smell strong enough to gag a maggot.   I put those lessons behind me.   And I sure don’t like to inform a customer the same old lines like ”  Well sir we got them all for now.” And then 1 to 2 months later start over getting that phone call ” Hey Jerry the rats are back!”  The facts are that animals have controlled behaviors that need approached.  Over the past 2 decades I dedicated my career on studying ways to improve on a more expedient and effective way to eliminate a rodent or squirrel issue from a crawl space.  Using our basic 3 step approach to any problem we have developed a very exclusive technique without trapping if at all possible!  But we first need to inspect any crawl space for conducive conditions and level of infestations.  Upon inspection we have to examine any wiring for chew damages done by rodents so our Service Pro’s avoid electric Shock and threat of transmission.   Also threat of disease,  bed bugs, and other pests that hang on to rodent hosts that may be present.  This  Exclusive Service requires  the need for Non-Disclosure is a policy.   Rodent Inspection’s start at $250.00

Scorpions No Problem!

We simply anticipate that scorpions cover more than half the valley.   If you have a history of heavy scorpion activity and require Extra Protection on your prescription service plans.     We simply include a small fee of $5.00 to cover the cost of specially labeled residuals to control them for you.   Exclusion program is also available.

Adult Bed Bug

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We offer another Exclusive IPM Treatment program for bed bugs

Inspection’s start at $150.00,  includes forensic examinations and positive identifications.   If you are found to have a problem we will present a full program disclosure of our IPM Program,  preparation instructions and professional education program.  We can provide exclusive wall void treatment in extreme infestations which also corrects other previous failed treatments.

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So if your sharing your home or business with unwanted creatures?  Call us

Discreet Pest Control understands how serious a rodent issue can become.  How they can cause serious damages to the inner structure of your home by contamination, electrical fires, chewing up walls and since they’re nocturnal they move around at night typically.  But in well inhabited and comfortably settled in rodents, we’ve seen the roof rat and even pack rats moving freely within a home all hours.  One case where a dog had to sit on the couch while a few King Rats ate his dog food!!   “Poor fella”.   Remember it takes experience to safely start a rodent eradication plan.   And it take both parties to win.   It starts with;

“Inspection”  Evaluation”  and  “Eradication”

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Call us if you need a DPC Pro !

24 hr number is 602-446-6541    (NO ESTIMATES BY PHONE)

Office: 480-639-2273

Email Contact at this time:  jerrydpc@gmail.com

Rodent Inspections $250.00 with additional ladder charge if applies.  Bed bug inspections  are  $150.00 minimum charge.   Payment is due upon inspection.

Other service inspection options:

  1.  Rodent Cam services for recording activity info.
  2. Drone inspections for Roof Tops with old Mexican tiles
  3. Rodent Inspection Reports with detailed photo gallery and explanation.
  4. More

If your selling your home and a written and visual Rodent Evaluation report is needed the fee will vary upon size of the home and time involved.  And emailed 3 to 5 business days after photos and checklists are compiled upon finding activity.   In the event of ALL CLEAR an immediate document will be presented.   But we have experience in providing realtors what they need in order to aid their clients.

Call or Email to make appointment. Please provide days and times available for initial appointment.