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Our Beginning,


When the world started changing with the Technology Age, somewhere people started behaving differently in regard to Customer Service.   With the Google Age consumers started and tend to believe all their  Truth to Matters like finding truthful answers to Pest Control Needs, and even other professional services.   People tend to look stuff up on their smart phones to seek the FACTS and TRUTHS for past several years until they figured out whoever was filling in the blanks really didn’t have all the answers after all.  I started Discreet Pest Control for various reasons, but the main reason was I was tired of treating consumers like a $$$ Sign.   Somewhere along the line of history we started to lose track of Customer Service  and started training robots to follow simple pest control basics. to make our boss money.   Discreet Pest Control aims to bring that sincerity in customer service back to life and serve the public with not only great service protocols but consumer education.   So the birth of Discreet Pest Control came to be from humble beginnings and a founder that believes core values still mean something.     But we are building a solid customer base the “Old American Way”,  using  honesty, integrity and positive attitude to accomplish the tasks.   We do not advertise only only through customer referrals and field contact.    At Discreet Pest Control our team will set out to prove our mettle to you the customer.   We will inform you of facts and truths relating to your needs.  I would personally want to dedicate this website to our customers and customers to be out there that made this site possible.    I also encourage any Certified Applicator in Arizona to contact us anytime to get on the waiting list to employment.   I urge every visitor to enter and view the entire site and stay tuned for my monthly blog posts which will have a new topic every month.   Please enter your comments at anytime.  We regret that we cannot post any valuable trade secrets on this site at this time.


Jerry L. Vance Sr.

General Manager and Owner

Our definition of a “Perfect Service Plan”

“A perfect service plan is not by design.  It is achieved by 2 parties. ”

Author:   Jerry L. Vance Sr

Discreet Pest Control

Meet the Team

Many thanks to all the family members and especially the ongoing customer family for your continued support as or small company grows.

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Jerry L. Vance Sr. (With Side Kick)

Owner and General Manager

Grew up in the city until age 13,  after reaching legal working age moved back to SD where our family originated.   Worked on a cousins Dairy Farm 2 years earning .   After which turning 16 he finished high school and worked as a ranch hand, farmhand, and dishwasher at local supper club.   Enlisted in the USMC where he served under a many hats of responsibilities.   Long service history including 10 year stint at Orkin,  5 years Terminix in 2 states last tour of duty was as Commercial Service Manager.  Played lead role in starting 3 companies and working another 5 year period in Arizona with a  well know Commercial and Residential company.  After becoming overqualified and under paid was inspired to start Discreet Pest Control 3 years ago.  Hobbies are Target shooting, hunting, fishing and his constant rodent research.

Me and Maribel Dads Birthday

Mrs. Maribel B Vance With her beloved side kick

Office Manager/ Managing Partner

Mrs. Maribel Vance hails from the Manila. Republic Philippines where she served as mother to 5 sons.   Owned and operated a Catering Service and outside cafe so she know about customer service needs.    Mr. and Mrs. Vance met in 2008 while he was working as a Service Manager for Terminix  Commercial division.   And found themselves magnetically connected and we were expediently married.  Maribel is now playing a very important role as Office Manager, wife and mother to our new addition Sugarbear.   Her hobbies, are cooking, baking,  spoiling her stepsons, and grandson Keagan, and of course Sugarbear.


Jerry L. Vance Jr.

Pending enlistment,

Jerry spent 2/3 of his life raised around pest control operations.  Along with meeting and greeting former employer’s and events.  Junior spent most of his young life looking over his fathers shoulder and paid more attention to what he was doing than his homework.  He also assisted his Dad when he was conducting weekend research on development of new discreet bait station design.   Currently is certified in General Pest Control,  and worked a short period for small company.   His hobbies include Auto mechanics,  target shooting,  jet skiing,  and fishing.   He and his wife are also animal lovers and have a dog and 2 cats.

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