Often asked questions

What kind of chemicals do you use?

Answer:   We use Botanical residuals,  baits, repellents.  And when it comes to green products I just like to say even those labels and restrictions are required to be on the warning label of of every service invoice.  Which reads: ” Warning:  Pesticides can be harmful; keep children and pets away from all pesticide applications until dry, dissipated or aerated.”   Followed by contact information.

Do you provide scorpion control?

Yes that is always an option to choose.   Not everyone resides in a scorpion affected area.   But when dealing with scorpions and Bark Scorpions it does require special labeled chemicals.   In fact most people don’t know that the scorpion is an animal and not an insect.  Therefore the scientific approach is applied.

How much do you charge????

Well your going to have to understand my humor here,  but you are not exactly ordering pizza here.    We offer an array of Professional  Services.   We have to meet and greet and consult you to determine your needs.   Our Rodent and Bed Bug Inspections run $150 to start.   But to evaluate and choose a cost effective service plan we need to see it first hand.