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It is that time of year when weather starts getting cold and rodents and birds start seeking more food to keep their body fat up and warm homes to live in.  With no fruit on the trees these rats will seek food in and around the homes .  And predators also hunt rodents 24/7 to feed their stomachs as well.  Also this is a time when we need to keep our BBQ Grills clean, last thing you want on your burger with a rat hair on it.  I just want to extend a warning to all those homeowners out there to be sensible when storing stuff outside or throwing a cover over it.   Avoid feeding birds, stray cats at night or even at all.   Last thing you want is to draw rodents to your homes outer walls by making storage items their new home.  And one more thought when making a Rodent Defense plan this season,  and that is change IRRIGATION or watering times to daylight hours.   Night watering attracts rodents just by sound and the smell of water.   One big reason small to medium rats are found drowned in pools is they fell in getting a drink,  and their blindness allows them to swim very well in running water.  You can always find plenty of roof rats under small bridges over canals here in Arizona.  Also flood irrigation ditches are more shallow,  but provide great fish deposits for rats can feed.   And this time of year the POOL MAN makes his money by saving on Chemical.  There are several ways to deal with rodents.  For consumers its costly and difficult to choose what products do what and sometimes never read the directions or a bait label.  Understandably and more often a consumer is in a hurry to get to the store and back to his home and kill the much hated rodents.   So the SELLER’s just get those big words on the box like ” KILLS RATS”  or  “KILLS MICE”  and never get to the disclaimers in fine print.   Every year Rodents are multiplying at a enormous rate.  Since the government passed yet another overbearing law known as the “RODENTICIDE ACT in 2011.   This law banned the general consumers from purchasing 2nd generation baits.  For those of you that don’t know what that is,  it’s simply a former bait that would kill a  rodent after one feeding.   Well due to a couple of  consumers that were careless in using them,  the government with help of PETA and some animal rights activist groups they got it banned.   However a Certified Applicator can buy the products and use them on your behalf.   But then there is the 1st Generation Bait,  Known as the “MULTI FEED” Bait.   The government saw fit to insure big business made some BANK off this new law so they included the READY MADE BAIT STATIONS for the consumers !   Great idea one would think.  Wish I could agree,   but when I know how much profit there is to put a 5 cent piece of bait inside a 5 cent plastic case with a hole in it and charge $10.00 for it.    And in the end the consumer kills nothing.   And then there is the TOMCAT Bagged baits.   Label says toss the whole bag in an attic infestation.     Great idea except the directions don’t tell you that you have to go find the dead rats,  clean up the guts and blood from rats eating each other,  and the Flesh Flies will require insecticide treatment,  customer will need fogging equipment to sanitize and kill the odor caused from those directions.  Yes I have seen the atrocities from law.    The rodent damages in the southwest have been off the charts.   Recently the rats have gotten so bad in NEW YORK that the government had to grant a waiver for that state and allow them the right to use the 2nd generation baits again.    My thought and experience on the subject matter of big government and control is that it seems when the government attempts to control the majority over the mistakes made of a few, it just gets more costly and frustrating.



Water and food sources also need to be limited after dusk.


Outside the home can become a jungle for unwanted visitors !  Routinely check the full perimeter as you would walk around your car to check for dents.   If you find overgrown shrubs, weeds or even tree branches overhanging your roof.   

New customers call us all to often stating ” I think a rat came in my house recently!  Please come trap him”  Hear it all to often,  all to often we find a serious population.    Roof Rats are little more cautious about being heard by humans until they become a nightmare for homeowners.   Once they have compacted the attic insulation (Blown) with urine and fecal droppings their presence  becomes more noticeable.  I must add that your food stuff is not safe nor is your living areas after they become established.  If you have recently or have been under siege by these animals we do have a very exclusive prescription control method right for you.   We advise people not to risk the health of their families, or the unfortunate cases where fires are started by these creatures.   Click on links below for a quick  DPC Cam work.


Whos in your pantry day or night



I just had to include this most important information.   Especially when dealing with feral cats and taking them into your home.   It is unfortunate that in our profession we have to think of these things when serving our clients.   But we do.   I cannot stress enough how important it is to pick up after your pets and dispose of their waste deposits.   But I must start reminding clients of the importance as the rodents start gaining ground,   If we ignore them they will surely take us out of life as we know it.   I recently was also informed of a client actually trying to pick up a  feral cat rubbing on her,   it ended up she had her arms shredded by claws in an instant.   As a result she also nearly died from high fever after developing “CAT SCRATCH FEVER”  which is not so rare when dealing with “Feral Cats”.   This kind hearten human not only missed time off work 10 days,  but nearly her life.

I really don’t want to forget this cute and deadly rodent.   The KANGAROO RAT.    Very hard to ID from droppings to holes I might add.   Hate this guy.   He can sneak into your pantry, attic, or walls virtually undetected until after the whole family moves in.   Thing to remember is this its droppings are also dangerous,  it also sprays urine on what ever food source it invades as all rats do.   But this one claimed the lives of many humans over the years.    Haven’t seen much of this Rat until a year ago,  seems their making a comeback as all rodents do.

Nasty and neglected Pigeon issue?  Yes it is and very lethal as well.  Well as they say feeding birds are fun,  but leads to more and more rodent birds coming to feed.    And deadly diseases and some other costly insect control issues also become of this.    Another reason not to leave pet food out on patios or grounds,  and don’t make human dependents out of wild animals.  You just ends up a very multi populated structure of rodents, toxic bird dropping on your cars, awful smelling situations as this one.

I get a kick out of the government sometimes and their free programs.   Free Solar comes with free pigeons and roof rat feeding ground for eggs !    This is a clean photo of the AFTER the work is done.   Before it was packed full of pigeons, nests, and even roof rats.   Lets look at the outside world for a moment shall we.   Lets count all the species of wild birds, and animals out there.   And of course the food chain right?  It is impossible for some of these animals to hold jobs and go shopping like we do for food.   So they hunt each other !  Oh my that is harsh to say I know.  But its fact and so some small vermin like roof rats and pigeons need to hide from hungry feathered unfriendly’s.  And the solar panels are one on the newest and most overlooked right now.   Now most of these elevated panels are already obsolete thankfully and some smaller and more pest free design.   But for those still buying these elevated ones may I suggest you call someone for exclusion around these immediately to avoid the expensive and safety hazardous conditions to wash these out later.   I recommend you do so you save some  large amounts of $$$$.  And off course costly poop removal, dead and partially eaten birds and some other disgusting stuff a homeowner is spared from knowing.   But remember this part, that poop gets washed down and that smell will not be pleasant.     Pigeon manure is the most corrosive fecal matter there is that I know of.   Its responsible for many deaths not long ago where a bridge collapsed in Minnesota.   Pigeons are Rats don’t feed them.  We can help with repelling these creatures with latest methods and no unsightly bird spikes!


 BIRD OPTICAL:  This little cup of POWER is Organic,  repels all birds !!!   It sends a transparent FLAME Beam into the sky that only birds can see!   It contains repellent as well.   Bird Control has entered a whole NEW AGE!   No more useless spikes.    These last longer than spikes and put out for 2 to 4 years!.   Too many uses to mention here.


Hope you enjoyed and found this information educational and informative.

Best Regards,

Jerry L. Vance Sr.

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  1. The organic mosquito treatment works great! We haven’t seen a mosquito in more than 6 weeks! Love that it’s organic so I don’t have to worry about my kids or dogs.

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