Below the IBS Unit for those large yards that need discreet control measures for ants and insects.

The EZ Clean Bait Station for ground controlling  rodents.

Stored Product Pests such as “German Roaches”   No problem !

We can help you !

We can provide you with general pest control and introduce you to the most advanced technology available today.   With established relationships with best supplier and manufactures in the US.   We have UNIVAR and their phone call away experts in involved in every aspect of our profession.  As well as their great product line.

We don’t use HEAT.  Due the high costs, and the Highest Damage Claims in the art of Bed Bug elimination.  We use IPM approach.  With new more effective products, equipment and technique there is no need to destroy your homes or business.  And no need double charge customers with 3rd party intervention.

Using the latest and proven effective Bed Bug Traps known as the BLACK OUTS.  Can use on furnishing legs, beds tables and also add 90 day pheromone packs.  There is no longer a need for using expensive Bed Bug Dogs.

Highly well fed infestation below!

The new SenSci Bed bug monitor trap !   They can go in thinking they have a free blood meal.   But don’t come out.  These are great for prevention of any reintroduction’s to bed bugs in hotels, homes or apartments!  Great for adding to any Quarterly Service plan !   Packets last 90 days!

Bed Bugs!  The hottest Topic to date.

We know what your Thinking

This is the most controversial pest topic in the US today!   But only if you let it be.  At DPC we simplify it for you as we do every pest.  We keep up with science, biology and control methods.    As a consumer you are constantly seeing ads, and surplus of products at the stores you visit.  But before you buy,  please remember these questions.

The A24 Multi kill Rat Trap !

Squirrel Control is dangerous and they are UN-predictable

We have some control and elimination techniques to help you!


“Do It Yourself Rodent Control Consultation

Instead of using GOOGLE to frustrate your brain!   Call us for a once in a life time CONSULTING on how to solve what ever Rodent or Pest problem you have!   We have NON POISONOUS methods we can offer you for the DO IT YOURSELF person.