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We can provide you with general pest control and introduce you to the most advanced technology available today.   With established relationships with best supplier and manufactures in the US.   We have UNIVAR and their phone call away experts in involved in every aspect of our profession.

Bed Bugs!  The hottest Topic to date.

We know what your Thinking

This is the most controversial pest topic in the US today!   But only if you let it be.  At DPC we simplify it for you as we do every pest.  We keep up with science, biology and control methods.    As a consumer you are constantly seeing ads, and surplus of products at the stores you visit.  But before you buy,  please remember these questions.

1.) What do you really know and understand about this pest?

2.) What equipment will you need to buy to get this done right?  And how much will this cost?

3.)  What chemicals do I need for Beds,  versus furnishings, walls, cracks, crevices, and voids.   And how much do I need for the whole house.

4.)  And where do I go to find  the training I need to really succeed at this task at hand?   Because you don’t want to waste your money ?

What this task really takes is  “Detailed Inspections, thorough Evaluation, and Prescription Treatment Plan”  Every infestation is either found early,  misidentified by victims,  or just neglected until it gets to a more expensive and time consuming eradication period.

We are experts in Residential and Commercial Hospitality and have newly designed IPM program which includes a very affordable DISCREET early detection system!     If you want to learn more about our methods please call for a consultation or inspection.

Never heard of before offer by any pest control company!

“Do It Yourself Rodent Control Consultation and Device Package”

What we all see in the wonderful world of google is all these products for killing rodents.   But correct me if I am wrong,  I bet you think for a moment and wonder . ” Yeah I can buy that and try it,  but I will have to learn how to use most likely”.   And yes it will take time,  and what if you bought the wrong device for your need?   Well I doubt any Pest Control  company is going come right over and teach you their trade, Right?   The owner at Discreet pest wants to see every able person out there doing their part in controlling the population of rodents.   So for TRIAL PERIOD we are offering a Consultation to assist anyone out there struggling with a rodent issue that may have just started.    We will even go so far as to sell our Rodent Devices at Cost !! just so you can get your 1 hour of inspection and consulting FREE!   Call for details.